Andrus Kivirähk’s “The Blue Wagon” presented in Alexandra Theatre, Russia

December 15, 2015

From 16 to 18 December at the Alexandra Theatre’s new stage will be held an event called the “Modern European plays Marathon”. Plays by authors from Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Estonia and Denmark will be presented during the three busy days. All interested guests are welcome, the entrance is free but registration to the event is required. Besides the readings of various plays the programme also includes a discussion based on trends and developments of modern European drama moderated by Paul Rudnev.

Andrus Kivirähk’s play “The Blue Wagon” will be read on the 18th of December at 12-14.00, the reading is directed by the Russian director Peter Chyzhov. Further information about the schedule (in Russian) and registration available here.

At the end of October several Estonian plays were introduced in the same theatre, then texts by Piret Jaaks, Andra Teede, Paavo Piik and Mari-Liis Lill were presented and the dramaturge of the Vanemuine Theatre Sven Karja gave an overview of the current trends in Estonian dramaturgy.