Külli Roosna


Külli Roosna (1981) has studied choreography at Tallinn University and Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. She has worked as a dancer with many foreign and Estonian choreographers: Richard Siegal, Dylan Newcomb, Amy Raymond, Fine5 Dance Theatre, Teet Kask, Katrin Essenson and others. Currently, she is choreographing, teaching and researching in collaboration with a Norwegian choreographer, sound designer and composer Kenneth Flak. Their most recent collaborations have been the “Blood Music” and the Wild Places Trilogy, which deals with the environmental issues and the three performances Mountain, City and Body will premiere in 2015-2017. “The Wild Places: : Mountain “premiered as part of the curator programme of Vaba Lava (season 2014-2015). In their collaborations they have focused on the relationships between the dancing body and digital technologies.

Külli`s solo performance “Circle Through” was awarded the First Prize at the International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk, Belarus. Külli has created choreographies for STL, Estonian National Ballet, Kaunas Biennal and others. She has performed her own and other choreographer’s works in Japan, South-Korea, The Netherlands, Germany, England, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.