Ene-Liis Semper


She is one of the artistic directors of Theatre NO99. Graduated as a set designer she has created set and costume designs for more than hundred productions in different Estonian theatres (incl opera). She has won Best Set Designer Prize for several times. She has directed together with Tiit Ojasoo several productions in Theatre NO99 and also in other theatres and won Best Director Prize several times.

In her work she combines many disciplines. Semper works in the fields of theatre and opera, but also visual and video arts, film and installation art. Besides Theatre NO99 she has also worked at Münchner Kammerspiele with Sebastian Nübling and Kristian Smeds and at Malmö Opera with Dmitry Bertman. Her most recent work as a director was “A Girl Who Looked for His Brothers”.

Semper is also internationally known video and performance artist. She has been participating at the Venice Biennial twice and won numerous awards for her creation.