Reet Aus


Reet Aus is a fashion and costume designer, whose work is inspired by how fashion design can be a creative solution for production extras. While designing her collection and creating costumes for theatre and films, Reet injects new life to discarded garments, production leftovers and other materials cast aside by the industry. She is confident that a similar model can be applied to mass production.

Reet Aus has done many critically acclaimed theater works in Estonia and Russia, especially with Von Krahl Theatre and Nargen Opera. These productions have toured Germany, Russia, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Latvia, Italy and USA and they have won multiple awards, like the New York Dance and Performance Award the Bessie 2004 with Swan Lake. Since 2006 she has started to use recycled textiles as the main source of material for her theater work also, for example with The Magic Flute with Von Krahl Theatre, as well as Us, the Heroes, I Loved a German and Tears Invisible to the World in Tallinn City Theatre. Since 2015 Reet Aus works as the head designer of the Tallinn City Theatre.