non-conference in Viljandi, April, 23-25


Non-conference titled “Dance artist in/and/to/with/against/or/in love with higher education in dance” will take place April, 23-25 in Viljandi, Estonia during the Viljandi Dance Week. This non-conference is the opportunity to bring into the same space and time a multiplicity of opinions, perspectives and experiences. Presenters and participants are the representatives of the diverse dance scene – artists, educators, producers, etc. – together with practitioners and scholars from other art disciplines. This combination helps to articulate relevant questions and opportunities in the higher education in dance while creating a space for dialogue(s) that could continue also after the event.

General themes:
What are the artists (as students or teachers) purviews in the higher education?
What can a born-to-be-an-artist get from higher education institution?
How differs the working process of a performing artist from the working process of an artist teaching.

morning practices, dialogue-debates, lectures, performances.

Christian Töpfner (Austria/France), Zöe Poluch (Canada/Sweden), Stina Nyberg (Sweden), Tine Damborg (Denmark), Krõõt Juurak (Estonia/Austria), Rose Breuss (Austria), Simona Orinska (Latvia), Alex Bailey (England/Austria), Marko Mäetamm (Estonia), Liis Vares (Estonia), Kaspar Aus (Estonia), Jarmo Karing (Estonia), Henri Hütt (Estonia), Kaja Kann (Estonia), etc.

You will also see dance performances by various Estonian young performers, like Henri Hütt, kadrinoormets, Sigrid Savi and others. You can also visit the info-lounge during the non-conference days and find out further information about the Estonian dance scene and dance productions. Further information about the info-lounge

Further information about the programme can be found at the non-conference page. 

Contact person: Ele Viskus –

The non-conference is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.