Andra Teede


Andra Teede has published collections of poetry since 2005, worked as a literary critic and journalist, organised cultural events and worked in publishing. In 2013 she published her fifth poetry collection called „One Foot Down: Book of Cities“. „[Teede] is ironic, dirty and doom-loving, her stylishly sustained decadence does not lack intellectual substance and youthful zeal“ wrote the poet Mathura describing her works (Sirp, 2.9.2009).

Teede studied educational sciences and literature at the University of Tartu and she graduated from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Drama School as a dramaturge in 2014. As a writer whose roots are in Tallinn and in the time of Soviet occupation, she is primarily interested in the city and its people, their past and their stories. A short period of residence in Denmark brought about her second favorite theme – Scandinavia and its culture. Teede has formerly been nominated for the poetry prize of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia Literature Fund and has been awarded the honorary mention of Young Creative of the Year by the city of Tartu. Currently she works as a screenplay writer for one of oldest TV series in Estonia, called “Õnne 13″. Her most recent play is 45 339 km² Bog (45 339 km² raba) which is played in Theatre Endla. The play is based on documentary material, interviews and questionnaires done with people who have decided to move out of Estonia for various reasons (to find a better job, to get married, etc).

Translated Play:

2013 Light makers. The story on Estoplast the lamp factory („Estoplast“) – English, Finnish, Russian

Third prize in the 2013 New Drama Competition held by Estonian Theatre Agency.