Hiri Müüripeal


The body of Hiri Müüripeal was born as Marite Butkaite in the spring of 1988 with the sounds of singing revolution in the background. The name was chosen twenty years later when her writing was staged for the first time. She started writing plays when she was about 18 years old. First it was just an experiment, but when her first play won a first prize in a drama contest for young authors, her future was decided.

Hiri has studied literature and theatre research in University of Tartu. In 2008 she joined a freshly established playwrights school Drakadeemia (established by a dramaturge and creative writing teacher Siret Paju).

Hiri’s writings can be described as worlds on paper filled with upside down realities dipped in humour. She hopes that her texts are both entertaining and filled with thought. So far she has written about 10 plays, some have been produced in both professional and non-professional theatre institutions and some are still hiding in the shelves.

Translated play:

2010 My Friends Call Me Paul (Pegasus, sõpradele Paul) – Czech, English

First prize in 2010 Children and Youth Drama Competition held by Estonian Theatre Agency.