A freelancing dancer-choreographer, she writes short prose and theatre texts, practises mime, action-theatre, and has been part of creative collective called nu.unioon. At the moment Kadri is doing her masters in performing arts at the Estonian Art Academy and works as a copy-writer for NoTaFe (Performing Arts Festival and international Summer School).

She studied playwrighting at private school Drakadeemia. “Writing is never easy for me, it’s always a challenge,” she admits. She does not define theatre through seen performances but for her the definition starts from the need to do something.

Her short play “The Mango Land” got an honorable mention in the Estonian Theatre Agency’s New Drama Competition in 2007. Her second play “go neo und romantix” got the third prize in the New Drama Competition in 2011. It is a poetic and textually bright text, an organism that seeks for a co-operative theatre troupe. A troupe that can be found anywhere as the text does not limit itself to nations and is open to all styles of theatre and visual arts.

Translated plays:

2011 go neo und romantix (go neo und romantix) – English

Third prize in 2011 New Drama Competition held by Estonian Theatre Agency.

2013 intourism (siseturism) – English