Mihkel Ulman


He started writing in the beginning of 1970s but began a more active playwrighting career in 1999 after he received the second prize in New Drama Competition for his debut play Visiting Myself. Since then he has written regularly poetry, plays and screenplays; closest to his own heart are children’s plays. The Mirror Maker won first prize in 2002 Children and Youth Drama Competition of Estonian Drama Agency.

His comedies include Mountain of Seagulls, a play concerned with social issues which is based on documentary material. The play is about life on a waste yard – about the people who exist alongside us, and yet seem so far, but their actions and needs are the same as ours. Characters in Ulman’s plays are ordinary people doing ordinary things but in an unordinary place or time like medieval trade city (Something under the Sun…) or waste yard (Mountain of Seagulls).

Ulman has studied in different schools and held many professions (forester, tailor, stage hand, property master, postman, stoker, guard, and designer). Ulman admits that he has always been emotionally affected by theatre.

Translated plays:

2000 Way to the Wardrobe (Teekond kappi) – Finnish, Russian

2002 The Mirror Maker (Peeglimeister) – English

First prize in 2002 Children and Youth Drama Competition held by Estonian Theatre Agency.