A monodrama that tells a story about the self-exploration of a young man in a military world. It is commonly thought that men and weapons are inseparable, as are men and cars, men and cell phones, men and … Little boys like war games and mostly there is always this one fine man who helps to craft the first toy gun. Then the boy becomes a man, he starts a military service and if fate insists, he needs to go to a war. By that time, he is a full-grown man and has to raise some questions: why am I fighting, what am I fighting for, must I fight, what do I have to die for? Who made up war as a method to solve conflicts? Who invented guns that now, on the 21st century, legally and openly sow death around us? If you are a man, you have no choice. One must ask and find answers to these questions.

Duration: 1h 15 min

First Night: September 8th, 2017


Author: Reimo Sagor

Dramaturges: Deivi Tuppits

Performers: Reimo Sagor

Sound designer: Indrek Asukül

Stage designer: Maarja Meeru