NO35 After Silence


Lauri Lagle’s productions delve into questions of how to find the perception that is unmediated and what is the true value of interhuman contacts. In an age that is wholly politicised, his productions are poetic, often characterized by absurdist humour, ambivalent images, and the ability to unite the universal with the everyday. Lauri Lagle does not direct often, yet this is already his fourth work with the company of Theatre NO99. NO35, the currently untitled new production by Lauri Lagle, looks into the minds of people living at a scientific base stationed in the middle of the nothingness, and their unrelenting drive towards the unknown. Constantly gathering new knowledge about the sounds that surround them, they wish to reach a point where the information amounted thus far exhausts itself, and it would be possible to set up totally new hypothesises about the world. Yet before they reach that point, they must chew their way through knowledge of which there is more than ever before – and they must find a way to live together, all the four of them. NO35 is an expedition into the unknown, that is, into the human soul.

Duration: 1h 40 min

First Night: May 6th, 2017



Dramaturges: Eero Epner

Performers: Marika Vaarik, Gert Raudsep, Eva Koldits, Rasmus Kaljujärv

Sound designer: Hendrik Kaljujärv

Art Director: Kamilla Kase, Allan Appelberg, Lauri Lagle

Light designer: Siim Reispass