PREMIERE presents


Premiere 16’: Débutante

This performance asks: „How would I like to present myself as an artist? What if I will not be capable of verbally communicate the meaning of my creation? How to market and interpret art that is based on wordless intuition?“ This performance relates to the following concepts: artist as a product and art as a product, and asks: „Which of those two should gain more attention?“ This performance relates to essive and translative cases and declinable words such as sieves and travelstain. This performance is yearning for move further than presentation, definition and cultivated image. This performance is this performance.

Concept & performance: Joanna Kalm

Dramaturg: Johannes Veski

Light designer: Oliver Kulpsoo

Set designer: Maria Kalm

Voice consultant: Laura Remmel

Premiere on February 10th, 2016


Premiere 17’: Imagine There’s a Fish

There is a room, a fish, a decorative aquarium, and in the middle of all that – a posh seeker. Just there. Unawareness feeds the imagination and maybe we see a fish where it’s not or the way around. Still, every cheesy old truth has eaten its way into the mind, as always, every single one of them makes the soft and impressionable tissue stiffer and then a miracle happens – a human stone is crystallised. A monument made of silted thoughts takes form. A dried turd. That is a real pillar. This is an expedition which drags itself to the safe unknown navigating on the autopilot.

Choreograpy & performance: Sigrid Savi

Artistic support & set design: Marko Odar

Light designer: Oliver Kulpsoo

Sound-design support: Kenn-Eerik Kannike

Premiere on February 9th, 2017