Anatomy of Decision


This is an interactive performance that sets up a technological environment designed for collective decision-making and problem-solving. With the use of smart devices and interactive tables the audience is expected to solve problems and make decisions of social, cultural, economic and ethical value surrounding a precise case study. In a way it is a playground and a test site for various versions of direct democracy that are likely to inflict themselves on the ways we rule ourselves (or at least how we think we rule ourselves).

The “Anatomy of Decision” is a performance about the life of the main character through 30 years.  The audience will direct the biography through different tasks and collective choices. This is not an improvised theatre, but there are 64 possible life stories and the audience will see one full version during one performance evening, and will also get one chance to reconsider the choices and see what might have happened, if another path was taken.

The performance group: Ajjar Ausma, Päär Pärenson, Anatoli Tafitšuk, Joonas R. Parve, Liisa Linhein, Mart Manic, Mark Duubas, Karina K. Jensen, Härra Eero, Johannes Veski