Cabaret Rhizome


This small theatre-group was founded in the summer of 2009 by graduates of the Viljandi Culture Academy Drama Department: coreographers Päär Pärenson and Ajjar Ausma, actors Johannes Veski, Anatoly Tafitšuk and Joonas Parve and visual technologist Kristjan Suits.

Although their aim is not to oppose the mainstream Estonian theatre, the productions that can be seen in their small cellar-stage, furnished with sofas and an overall living-room atmosphere tend to walk on the alternative side of performing arts. That is mainly thanks to the self-written materials they stage and the means they use. Spoken words are rarely heard in their productions, so the stories have to be told by activities done by actors, dancers, and often by weird machines and installations created on stage. All this gives plenty room for the audiences to use their own imagination in search for a narrative in their productions that are always full of bold symbols and humour.

Since the year 2014, Cabaret Rhizome has moved to the new centre of culture in Tallinn, the Telliskivi Creative City, and performs at a new location called the Club of Different Rooms. Instead of usual rows of seating, the audience is set in the style of multiple living room settings – not separated by walls, but still constituting one-of-a-kind, characteristic environments due to differing interior design and selection of details. Each ‘living room’ has an interactive table to enable participating in performances.