Piip and Tuut Theatre


It`s a private theatre, formed by two actors and named by their clown characters Piip and Tuut. They have been performing together as a clown duo since 1998 and established Piip and Tuut Playhouse in 2010 in Tallinn.
Everything in this theatre is out of balance. Can you imagine, there are 4 people working at the theatre, nevertheless they are ranked within the top 5 theatres playing the most shows. They won Estonian Theatre Prize of the Year in 2014 as the best company playing for the young audience; however they have a unique audience by appealing to the whole family.
When you watch Piip and Tuut performances, you’ll find parents laughing at their kids for falling off benches from laughter and kids happy when they see mom and dad smiling.
There are more than dozen different stage productions in the repertoire of Piip and Tuut Theatre, including two TV-series. Although mostly improvised, Piip and Tuut play and direct each and every show (there are some exceptions when guest directors are invited). Piip and Tuut are stock-characters and you can find them in most of the plays in main roles. Alongside family focused performances, there are some non-clown performances and some are directed solely for adults.
Always looking on the funny side of life, Piip and Tuut Theatre tells things how they are. Is it truth, don`t know, but it`s definitely not a lie.

Theatre type: clown, comedy, mime and spoken
Actors: Haide Männamäe, Toomas Tross, Katrin Valkna
Directors: Haide Männamäe, Toomas Tross, Marek Demjanov

Productions of interest for international audiences: Piip and Tuut at Concert, Piip and Tuut at Dinner, Piip and Tuut Hamlet.

Piip and Tuut Theatre is currently touring around the world, their performances have been seen in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Jordan, Turkey, South Korea, India, USA and many other countries. Their next international appearance will be at the CPH STAGE festival in June 2017, in Copenhagen, Denmark, with performance Piip and Tuut Hamlet and at the festivals in Guangzhou and Wuzhen in China with performance Piip and Tuut at Concert.