VABA LAVA (Open Space)


The foundation VABA LAVA (Open Space) was established in May 2010 with the goal to provide opportunities for both established and emerging small independent companies. Vaba Lava wishes to become a venue for young, experimental and innovative performing arts and network with theatres with similar profiles abroad.

Differently from the rest of the theatres, Vaba Lava will have no creative team of its own. In addition to the technical and administrative staff, there will be two curators responsible for making decisions about the productions to be included in the program. Vaba Lava aims at offering independent companies both a space for performing and support services as well as serving as a production centre and hotbed for new experimental and unconventional work.

The programme focuses on the performing arts: theatre, dance and music performances, but the building can also be used as a concert venue or exhibition space for congresses, media events, receptions etc.

The annual theatre programme is chosen by a curatorial team (an international chief curator and an Estonian assistant curator) whose choices are based on their subjective preferences leading from their vision for the year of their curatorship. Curatorship at Vaba Lava is a rotating position. The curators for the first season of 2014/2015 were Madis Kolk (theatre critic and editor-in-chief of the Estonian cultural magazine Teater.Muusika.Kino) and Oleg Lojevski (director and theatrical innovator from Russia).

The curators for the coming two seasons (2015/2016 and 2016/2017) are Madli Pesti and Thomas Frank. Madli Pesti is a theatre critic, theatre researcher, academic and the Chairperson of the Society of Theatre Researchers and Critics and a member of the Artistic Board of Estonian Theatre Agency. Her PhD thesis focuses on the political theatre of Westen countries. Thomas Frank is the artistic director and business manager of brut Vien, the interdisciplinary production centre for performing arts in Vienna: