Erik Alalooga


Erik Alalooga is a freelance performance director, performer, sound artist, teacher and cultural manager living in Tallinn, Estonia. He is mostly known by exploration and application of DIY analog-technological solutions in his artworks. Since 2005 his focus has been on immediate relationships between human and machine. Starting with interactive technological objects Erik Alalooga moved towards more complicated communication forms. Since 2009 he started to connect objects into bigger technological systems, which needed co-ordinated co-operation inside the audience. These series of performances had a common title Kinematic Mysteriums. Since 2011 involved in more sophisticated reasearch of technological performance. Performances of this period have been dealing with physical body in raw contact with matter and technology, focused as well to use of interactive sound and light. Resistance of Material won the prize of Estonian Independent Dance 2012. His art has been exhibited and performed in Estonia, Baltic – Nordic region, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, USA, Australia.

Born in 1974 in Tallinn, Estonia, Erik Alalooga studied in Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA), sculpture (BA) and interdisciplinary arts (MA). 2006-2010 he worked as associated professor in interdisciplinary art chair in EAA. 2010-2013 as head of performing art chair (former interdisciplinary art chair) in EAA where studies researched and treated technology as a dominating subject in creation and performing process. Experimental approach to sound art gave birth to Postinstrumentum – a sound art group, but as well a common title of larger phenomenon of exploring acoustical potential of matter and transforming it into sensory experience of human brain. Erik Alalooga is member and manager of Postinstrumentum.
Since 2014 performs also as solo artist in experimental music, exploring an alternative position against over-digitalization of sound art and surviving possibilities of underground music education.
Activities of performing art chair and technological performance: /