Maike Lond Malmborg


Maike Lond Malmborg (1981) has made a few works worth mentioning as they have brought her some recognition. Her career started out excellently when her graduation work “Sirquit Garden(07)” was nominated for the René Coelho Award of the Netherlands Media Art Institute. Then a few years of silence followed, until 2009 when together with Riina Maidre she got her first international break-through with “Postuganda”, a concert-performance appreciated both by the sexcist and queer/ feminist audience. After that she did a bit of this and that until the magical moment of winning the Grand Prix of Estonian Cultural Endownment with the big-scale fictional exhibition “Manfred MIM retrospective” made by the artist collective MIMproject of which she is a founding member. After that she hit the real bottom and started asking money from strangers, which ended up in the very successful performance-lecture entitled “10 journeys to a place where nothing happens*” that has been touring actively in Europe since 2013 and will continue to do so during 2016. At the moment she’s got nothing to complain about.