Mihkel Ernits


Mihkel Ernits is a freelance director/choreographer. He graduated from Tallinn University’s department of choreography in 2012 as a director/choreographer (MA). In addition to choreography, Mihkel is interested in graphic design, visual media and combining different media. He aims at creating theatre magic through compelling visual forms and is inspired and influenced by cinematography. His works can be described by minimalism, grotesque, attention to form and visual effects. His works have been performed in different urban settings (including public squares, train station, atrium of a shopping mall etc), as well as in traditional theatre spaces. His piece Bodysnatchers was nominated for the 2010 Estonian Independent Dance Awards in the Best Production category. In 2012, he co-founded millimeter performance group with dancer Laura Kvelsteın, sound designer Indrek Soe and visual artist Einar Lints with the aim to establish a collaboratıon between artısts across genres. He was a participant in the GLOBAL CITY – LOCAL CITY (www.theatrefit.org/) project.  His most recent works include Hope (2012), Men (2014), and bare I touch (2015).