Estonian National Opera presenting “Rinaldo” in Tel Aviv, Israel

January 5, 2016

MustonenFest will take the Estonian National Opera to Israel in February. The head of the MustonenFest is the violinist and leader of the early music ensemble Hortus Musicus Andres Mustonen. Hie is the conductor of the opera performance “Rinaldo”.  Andres Mustonen says that  „Rinaldo“ is an opera containing everything human – love, deceit, hate, cleverness, its plot is very captivating and the characters are colourful. This is one of the reason why “Rinaldo” was and still is a very popular opera. Since part of the activities touch the history of Jerusalem, this opera is particularly good to be presented in Tel Aviv. Händel is a popular and beloved composer, whose music is often performed by singers from Israel. Besides the performance of “Rinaldo”, there will also be a concert presentation of Händel’s „Julius Caesar“.

The performances will take place on the 28th and 29th of February.

See the schedule at the Israeli Opera web page. 


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