Martin Algus


He is the most awarded Estonian playwright at the moment as he has won several major prizes in New Drama Competitions in last few years. Algus also won the competition New Baltic Drama 2011 with his play Contact, ensuring him an international debut in Finland.

He is a freelance actor, translator, playwright, screenwriter and producer of TV series. At the same time he also translated plays from English and Russian and has done more than 25 translations so far. He has won the annual Estonian Theatre Union translator prize for his work. After practicing translating for some years, Algus moved to writing plays himself.

His debut plays Thirst and You are! won the two first prizes from the 2007 New Drama Competition held by Estonian Theatre Agency. Thirst tells a story with an autobiographical background about the self-destruction of Estonians through heavy drinking: main character has everything but lets it go because nothing can erase this constant thirst he’s feeling, not even alcohol. You are! is a youth-play in which the hero realizes that he has to start being himself, no matter how hard it might seem. Postmodern Households, the winner of 2009 New Drama Competition follows three families, focusing on the topic of children: some want them, others get without wanting; they all have been kids and some are even now. These characters don’t know why to be together, create a family or keep it functioning but they still won’t quit. In 2015 Algus did his debut as a theatre director, directing his play Octapus in the Ugala Theatre in Viljandi.

Translated plays:

2007 Thirst (Janu) – Russian

First prize in 2007 New Drama Competition held by Estonian Theatre Agency.

2009 Postmodern Households (Postmodernsed leibkonnad) – English, Finnish, German

First prize in 2009 New Drama Competition held by Estonian Theatre Agency.

2009 Avalanche (Laviin) – Finnish

Third prize in 2009 Plays for Radio Competition held by the Estonian Public Broadcasting.

2010 Contact (Kontakt) – English, Finnish, German, Swedish

First prize in New Baltic Drama 2011.

2011 The Cave (Koobas) – Finnish

2011 Arioso. Invisible Air (Arioso. Nähtamatu õhk) – Finnish

2013 Sulfur Magnolias (Väävelmagnooliad) – English, Finnish, German, Swedish

Second prize in 2013 New Drama Competition held by Estonian Theatre Agency.

2013-2015 Octapus (Kaheksajalg) – Finnish