Tallinn City Theatre and Theatre Ugala in Espoo City Theatre, Finland

February 10, 2016

In January 2015, Tallinn City Theatre gave 3 performances with Beast on the Moon in Espoo City Theatre, Finland. These successful guest performances gave the idea to inviting more theatres from Estonia and making it a traditional Estonian theatre days in Finland. In March, Tallinn City Theatre with their performance Time and the Conways and Theatre Ugala with a performance based on a Finnish playwright’s Kati Kaartinen’s text Amalia will be visiting Espoo. The programme also includes the exhibition of historical Estonian theatre photos, and audience discussion.

Theatre Ugala’s Amalia will be shown March, 7 and March, 8 (in Estonian, with Finnish subtitles).

Tallinn City Theatre’s Time and the Conways will be shown March, 11 and March 12 (in Estonian, with Finnish subtitles).

Further information about the programme can be found at Facebook (in Finnish) and Espoo Theatre’s home page.

The programme also includes a seminar “Theatre Bridge 3.0″, organised in cooperation by the Espoo City Theatre, TINFO – Theatre Info Finland, Estonian Insitute in Finland, Estonian Embassy in Finland and Estonian Theatre Agency. The aim of the meeting is o find new connections, modes and ways to collaborate between Finnish and Estonian theatres, festivals, venues and theatre professionals.

11.00 Welcome with a cup of coffee/tea – Joachim Thibblin (Espoo City Theatre) & Hanna Helavuori (TINFO – Theatre Info Finland) – who we are?
11.15 A short introduction of the “Estonia 100 aastat” theatre project 2017–18 – Andres Laasik (Estonian Theatre Agency)
11.30 Workshop moderation – Jukka Hyde Hytti (TINFO – Theatre Info Finland) – what have we done together on 2000’s, where are we aiming to?
11.45 Workshop groups (eg. 4 x 4-6 pax) start with the group mentors (Helavuori, Hytti, Erni Kask, Thibblin) – own, inner interests = targets + “ownerships” Group A: co-productions, artists exchange, etc (artistic point of view) Group B: artists exchange, residency co-operation, etc (artistic point of view) Group C: other new initiatives, joint projects, etc (production point of view) Group D: promotion, other joint projects, etc (promotion point of view)
12.30 A free soup lunch in workshop groups
13.00-14.00 Introduction of the future collaboration ideas and plans – discussion of the responsible main producers, ownerships (theatres, festivals, project leaders, venues, residencies, etc)


Espoo City Theatre is the most international theatre in Finland, thus also known as The International Theatre of Finland. Guests at the theatre since 2000 have included e.g. Mummenschanz, Switzerland; Riksteatern, Sweden; Le Cirque de la Licorne, France; Circus Ronaldo, Belgium; Familie Flöz, Germany; Avner the Eccentric / Avner Eisenberg, USA; Leo Bassi, Spain; The Jaschgawronsky Brothers, Italy; POS-teatret, Norway;Jan Lauwers & Needcompany, Belgium; Compagnie Philippe Genty, France; Theatre Kassys, The Netherlands; Companhia do Chapitô, Portugal; Teatrul National Radu Stanca, Romania; Béla Pintér & Company, Hungary; Joan Baixas, Catalonia and many others. The annual number of foreign guest productions is currently around 10, making about 50 performances, and the same numbers are approximately true for Finnish guests as well. The total number of performances per year is around 170, and these attract around 30,000 spectators.


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