Theatre NO99’s movie “Ash & Money” screening in London

January 5, 2016

If a theatre group ran for office, would you believe in its vision? NO99, fronted by its artistic director Tiit Ojasoo does just that, exposing corruption, playing with what we think of as real, as spin, as fiction, as politics and drama. This is truly ‘political theatre.’

“Ash and Money” follows NO99’s response to a series of party funding scandals that threatened the stability of this young republic in 2010. To expose the hypocrisy and manipulation at the heart of politics, a theatre group took on their boldest, most ambitious project to date: the creation of a new political party. Was this a hoax or were they for real? “Ash & Money” documents performance art at its most powerful: a pertinent, thought-provoking and truly participative exploration of social issues that exposes the weaknesses of democracy while pointing to the power of civil society.

Among their number was Daniel Vaarik. Having previously worked as an advisor to the Estonian Government, Vaarik acted as PR-strategist and advisor for Theatre NO99. His talent, connections and experiences turned a theatre production into a nationwide political project.

Movie will screen in London, Picturehouse Central, Wednesday, 6th of January, at 6.30 pm

Followed by a Q&A with Daniel Vaarik.

Further information about the event.

Tickets on sale.

Supported by the Embassy of Estonia
In partnership with EUNIC


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